About Me

Ever since the Lord ignited my passion for birth, I’ve been an active proponent in bringing the Holy Spirit back in to the birth experience. I believe that the majority of birth is rooted in the emotional, psychological, and spiritual element and my mission is to help mothers create a strong mental and spiritual grounding that prepares them for their unique labor.

Jesus has a plan and purpose for your growing family and He loves to watch His creation be born. The days of fear filled births are over. He has taken over the birth plan! I love inspiring and encouraging women to champion their desires and advocate for their birth choices. My heart is to have woman have victory in all aspects of their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


I have attended over 30 births and pioneered a birth community that provides prayer, education, and support through all stages of pregnancy. I have also walked women through prenatal and post-partum counsel and I work tirelessly to battle in the Spirit through prayer for my mothers. I’m DONA trained, breastfeeding trained, and continue to expand my knowledge base to be an even bigger advocate for mothers in labor.


When I’m not in a birth room, you can usually find me with my family and friends. I have been married for 10 years to a rockstar husband and we have raised a very grown 18 year old who is a football stud. If I’m not cheering on the sidelines of a football game then I’m cheering along side you as you welcome your new little bundle into your family!

What people are saying

I would recommend her 100 times over

I had prayed and dreamed for a natural hospital birth and Jessica helped support my husband and I so perfectly throughout our birth experience and helped make it so. I can not say enough just how important Jessica was to ensuring the birth of our baby girl went as smoothly and as peacefully as possible. I felt so supported and held by not only Jessica and my husband but also by the Lord. Jessica prayed over us and our room during, before and after the birth and has been such a gift from our divine Father. I would recommend her one hundred times over to anyone who wants a blessed and peaceful pregnancy and birth.

—Alexandra Pitzer—

She was such a peaceful presence in the labor room!

When my main doula was not able to be at my birth, Jessica was the backup doula I had trusted to be there at a momentous event in my life. She was such a peaceful strong presence in the labor room and such a calming presence when she arrived at our house to help us transition to her birth center. She spoke calmly, lovingly and guided me so beautifully through birth. She was a prayer warrior throughout difficult moments in the birth of our daughter and I couldn’t imagine not having her throughout that since prayer is such an important part of my life. Thank you Jessica for being there and making an important of our lives so beautiful. We are so grateful for how you coached me and my husband throughout it all and were so present with us! We love this doula! ❤️

—Rosie Thomas—

She understood and supported how I wanted to give birth

I call Jessica one of my divine appointments during my pregnancy. I had a long list of doulas that my midwife practice had given me and was feeling overwhelmed by making a selection. At some point I felt the Lord said, “Don’t worry about this. I will help you choose.” A week or so later I was getting my nails done and mentioned my need for a doula to the nail tech and she said “One of my good friends is a doula and she prays over people – she’s called ‘The Praying Doula’!” I immediately felt like that may be it without even having spoken with her yet. I called her shortly after getting her information, and there was an instant connection. She understood and supported how I wanted to give birth and the spiritual environment I wanted. It was such a refreshing and exciting conversation! She supported me so well throughout the whole process and during the labor she was such a huge support to myself and my support system. Even just having her come for a postnatal appointment to tell me about the parts of the birthing process I’d forgotten was so helpful to help me process. I highly recommend Jessica; she’s a wealth of knowledge, tapped into many resources and an incredible emotional, physical and spiritual support. Thanks for all you have done for my family, Jessica!

—Tara Wade Clackler—

Extremely informative, helpful, encouraging, and supportive

Jessica was amazing from beginning to end. Extremely informative, helpful, encouraging and supportive. I try rly believe this reason we had such an amazing birthing experience was because of having her there to guide, assist, and pray. If we ever decided to have a other baby we would use her again in a heartbeat!

—Jessica Saucedo—