There it is, that moment you find out you are pregnant. Sometimes that moment is found to be coupled with joy, excitement, and thankfulness. However, for some it is the complete opposite; it is shock, anxiety or fear. Even if these emotions or fleeting thoughts don’t happen right away, every momma-to-be must battle the “mind game” during pregnancy. In those moments, it is just between you, your baby and the Almighty. You see that moment, the moment you find that there is a child in your womb, the thoughts come. Some racing, some confusing, some completely out of character. I can guarantee you that this is just about what happens to every woman. So what’s my point? The random, sometimes, even logical fears and worries, they aren’t real; they are distractions from your true focus. They will try to overcome you or you can choose to overcome them.

Thoughts become your words and your words become your world. (chew on that for later on in this post). Paul addresses this very issue in 2 Corinthians (10v5)

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

I know many believers talk about “taking every thought captive” but did you read the part BEFORE THAT? We have the authority to demolish arguments and pretension that is speaking the OPPOSITE of what God says. Pretension gets me every time in this scripture in regards to how it applies to the pregnant woman. The enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). He wants to take claim (which is literally the meaning of the word pretension) over you and your child with your thoughts and he wastes no time. BUT GOD. God says you have the AUTHORITY to take back that claim, to own that moment and declare HIS promises over you, even in the midst of those thoughts. So with that authority, I tell you Momma, you can take those thoughts captive and remove them like the weeds they are. It starts with knowing your authority and activating it!

So why remove the thoughts? I mean if no one knows, then why else would it bother your pregnancy or your birth? The truth is, the moment you step foot into the world and share the blessing of a child with friends, family , and all the people. Well, those “fleeting” thoughts that were private, become on display demanding to be watered with the fears and words of those around you. People, as amazing as some are, love to share their stories, their fears, their worries, and they don’t always hold their tongue. You choose to either allow those seeds of fear to be planted or uprooted from the soil of your mind. I give all my Mommas this talk, so here ya go! You are the fighter for your child and your pregnancy/birth. The good news is, God has thought of everything and His Word gives you all the ammunition you will need to Win the battle. He is Fighting for you. Also with the right support around you, this can be an amazing thing. But it starts from the beginning.

So first, we tackle the thoughts. It is really freeing actually, it allows you and your spouse to be in one accord and it really ignites that Mother/Child bond from the very beginning. Just as the thoughts of others become words spoken over you; our thoughts are just the same. So make those words of encouragement, belief, faith, respect, and truth. Those words are powerful. Proverbs (18v21) speaks it as clearly as it can be: “The tongue has the power of life and death…”

I should just stop there. Words create life or promote death. It is simple, yet we walk around like words have no meaning or no bearing on our circumstances. I don’t say this to be “religious” but honestly even Jesus reflected the power of our words in Mark 11 when He spoke against the fruit of the fig tree. That tree never bore fruit again. Jesus is the last person who was religious. He just knew the Kingdom principle of our words. That my sweet Momma, is why you have been given authority to receive or dismiss and take captive every thought. Those thoughts become the words spoken to the spiritual realm around you, and you are the first line of defense for sweet baby. So in this I say, be encouraged, get your hopes up! Your first job as momma comes the moment that line reads Pregnant. Take your thoughts captive, walk in the authority your Father in heaven has given you and take claim the blessing He is growing in your womb. Be Blessed Mommas!