God’s Spirit helps us in our weakness because our minds do not know what to pray, but His Spirit makes intercession for us.

Romans 8:26

There is a story in Luke 10:38 where Jesus is in a women’s home and she is preparing a meal for guests. This woman is Martha. At the same time Martha’s sister, Mary, is kneeling at Jesus’ feet listening to Jesus speak. As Martha is preparing all the things she gets frustrated, she doesn’t understand why Mary isn’t helping her prepare. Jesus tells her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

This story has been used to carry out many messages to women in the preparation of a lot of things, the point is, to focus on what Jesus is telling us. I have found that serving women in the preparation for birth, this is not different. There are so many things to prepare for, yet birth is so unpredictable, there is nothing one can prepare for. Mommas, we can get caught up in the tangible preparation and miss the good part, as Jesus so gracefully told Martha.

So how do you stop and focus on that good part? What did Jesus mean when he said, that will not be taken away from her? I have found that when meeting with women about their birth there is so much being thrown their way, all important things, but are they missing the good part? There is more to birth than breathing techniques, nutrition, comfort measures, birth ball exercises, or even picking your birth location. Yes, these are all important options and things to go over, but preparing for the birth is not all about the tangible work. It isn’t just physical. It isn’t just mental. It isn’t just about preparing, it is about surrendering to the process and remembering that Jesus is in that room, and He is speaking. Don’t miss the good part.

Mommas, I believe what Jesus is saying, His words will not be taken from her, because what He is teaching her is His voice, His truth, His perception. These are Kingdom, Heavenly things that can not be taken away during any circumstance. Birth is no exception. In fact, birth is one area when a woman must completely surrender, become vulnerable, and find an inner strength that can only come from her inner preparation. Her spirit births just as much as her body does. Just like nutrition and physical strength is encouraged leading into birth, so should spiritual food (God’s Word) and exercise (prayer and meditation/worship). It is probably more important. I have seen many births, and there is always a point where a Momma hits a wall. It isn’t physical, because she is completely capable of birthing her child. It is usually confused with a mental block, but can I suggest to you, that maybe it has nothing to do with their logical mind and more to do with her spirit?

You are a child of God, birthing a child of God (Romans 8:16) and you hold the Spirit of God within you. Romans 8:26 says that “God’s Spirit helps us in our weakness because our minds do not know what to pray, but His Spirit makes intercession for us”.

If we don’t build our spirit to recognize the Spirit of God in these moments of transition in labor, we can miss the good part. Jesus speaks to every one of us Mommas. He is with you in the car, in the bathroom, at work, even right now as you read this blog. He is wanting to teach you things, things that will not be taken from you when you birth. Things that will not be taken from you when you are up late at night post-partum. He sees you. He knows that by preparing with Him and communing His Holy Spirit with your spirit is all the preparation you need leading into a birth… that only He controls. Surrender to Him now, daily, and find that surrendering in birth is the good part. There are things that only He can build in you during your spirit preparation that can break down barriers during changes in labor, hiccups in birth plans, and physical weaknesses. They have no bearing on His voice, His truth, and His perception in your birth room. So Mommas, just as you prepare in all the important things, don’t forget the one thing that is needed the most. Choose the good part, which will not be taken from you. Be Blessed Mommas!